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Chalhoub Jobs in UAE for Nationals and Expats

Chalhoub jobs in the UAE for citizens and expatriates, where the Chalhoub Group announced vacancies with the details and conditions  mentioned in the following announcement

Chalhoub Jobs in UAE

Announcing the jobs of the Chalhoub Group in the UAE for citizens and expatriates of both sexes, with the following conditions and details:

  1. Fashion Consultant Assessment Center – Abu Dhabi
  2. Delivery Captain – E-Commerce
  3. Executive Accountant – Reporting
  4. Beauty Consultant – Elemis Ministry of Education / DMM
  5. Digital Business Analyst (SFCC)
  6. Beauty expert
  7. Arabic Copywriter – L’Occitane
  8. Buyer – Tory Burch
  9. Supply Chain Manager – Fashion

How to apply

To apply, please visit the following link:


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