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Vacancies in the UAE for expatriates for all specialties

Anyone willing to work a night shift 6PM-12AM $35hr. We have transportation…

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I need 30 Male And 50 Female .. l
Make a new Company in Dubai.. Salary

Apply link : Click here

  • Telesales employees are required for a company in Dubai salary 2000 AED + commissions + accommodation please call to schedule an appointment for interview from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm / phone: 0097143784628


  • Arab employees are required to work in a real estate company Downtown Dubai working for the rental and sale of real estate (villas, houses, offices. On a commission basis there is no salary + incentives + set up after the trial period. If you prefer someone who has a residence permit, please send your resume with a photo and any communication will be categorically rejected / WhatsApp only: 00971585404234
  • In Sharjah, a call center employee is required to work 8 hours with a salary of 2800 + allowances, please send your resume to me or by phone: 0097165566575-e-mail:


  • An Arab girl is required to work in the field of social media age not exceeding 30 years visit or stay preferably within Abu Dhabi / mobile + WhatsApp: 00971522880219
  • A marketing representative (salary + commission) is required for a book publishing and distribution company under the following conditions 1-he has an Emirati driver’s license and a car 2-university qualification 3-English proficiency (job for men only) location in Sharjah for those interested send a CV on e-mail / WhatsApp only: 00971506161426-e – mail:
  • An electrical engineer with at least 5 years of experience from the date of graduation is required to be classified in an engineering consulting office in Fujairah, preferably with a fiwa license. Contact / Whatsapp only: 00971551610630


  • If you want to study Arabic part-time at an institute in Dubai, please send your cv l / e-mail:
  • It is required to work urgently employees of both sexes sales banking experience or without experience salary is determined in the interview medical insurance and residency please send your resume to me / Mobile + WhatsApp: 00971562706374-e-mail:


  • A good looking girl is required for a reception and customer service job in Dubai Abu Dhabi please send your CV / mobile + WhatsApp: 00971555566621
  • An employee or an employee with experience in bringing consulting projects and MEP contracting is required to work in Abu Dhabi to communicate, please send your CV to WhatsApp on the same number / mobile: 00971503634466


  • A water employee is required at a fast food restaurant in Sharjah mouilha is a good-looking woman who speaks little English and Arabic, has experience in cashiers and is an uncle with a salary of 2000 without housing / mobile + WhatsApp: 00971558881884
  • An Egyptian teacher is required for beans and falafel salary 1500 has a residence permit and does not mind in Dibba Fujairah / mobile + WhatsApp: 00971551625163


  • An Egyptian chef with extensive experience is required to work inside a restaurant in Fujairah and have a residence permit and no objection from the sponsor / mobile + WhatsApp: 00971551625163
  • It is required for a leading printing house in the country. 1-a social media marketer with experience in online marketing. Representative or sales representative experience in packaging with a driver’s license experience in the Northern Emirates-representative or representative experience in the emirate of Abu Dhabi experience in packaging with a driver’s license / WhatsApp only: 00971553636308-e-mail:
  • An architect and structural engineer is required architectural experience designing Villa plans and 3D facades and proficiency in all programs structural engineer driver’s license and ability to structural design salary starting 4500 inclusive / WhatsApp only: 00971553668811


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