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Jobs at New York University Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Employer: New York University Abu Dhabi
city of work: Abu Dhabi
country of work: UAE
nature of work: full
-time number of vacancies: 1

Job title: Project Coordinator

Required qualifications:

  • Educational qualification: the applicant for the job must have a bachelor’s degree in business / public administration, psychology or equivalent in the field of the job being applied for
  • It is required that I have experience in the field of the job being applied for
  • The applicant for the vacant position must have a keen attention to detail
  • He must be able to work independently
  • Must have excellent organizational skills with the ability to manage tasks and set priorities
  • The applicant must be proficient in working on a computer and master the Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel and Access, MailChimp, Microsoft 365 projects Online, Adobe Suite programs and social media platforms
  • The applicant for this position must be fluent in English

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