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Urgently need staff For Global Village 

Global Village LlcSalaries

Job Title Monthly Avg
server AED 2,540
cashier AED 2,551
customer service representative AED 2,571
cashier AED 2,800
computer operator AED 2,870
sales executive AED 3,000
sales AED 3,101
sales assistant AED 3,199
cashier AED 3,300
cashier AED 3,500
customer service associate AED 3,500
customer service AED 4,000
customer service executive AED 4,000
customer service agent AED 4,000
sales executive AED 4,077
call centre agent AED 4,200
hse officer AED 4,250
sales representative AED 4,500
sales executive AED 4,503
cashier AED 4,772

Did you know?

The term global village is closely associated with Herbert Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian communications theorist and literature professor hailed by many as a prophet for the 20th century. McLuhan’s mantra, “the medium is the message,” summarized his view of the influence of television, computers, and other electronic information sources in shaping society and modern life. By 1960, he had delineated his concept of the “global village,” and by 1970, the public had embraced the term and recognized the idea as both exhilarating and frightening. As a 1970 Saturday Review article noted, “There are no boundaries in a global village. All problems will become so intimate as to be one’s own….”


All the Jobs is Available You Can send your cv to Applying link


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